Dissecting Books: Reading as a Writer Part 1

By Marcy Kennedy (@MarcyKennedy) One of the pieces of advice that every writer hears until it makes us sick is “you need to read.” And that’s true and valid advice. (And if you don’t love to read, why are you writing?) Here’s the piece that most people miss though. It’s not enough to just read,(…)

Creating Promotional Copy That Works: Tag Lines

By Marcy Kennedy (@MarcyKennedy) As is the case with many elements of being an indie author, the complete control we have over writing our promotional material is a double-edged sword. We’re not saddled with promotional copy written by someone who might have read only our synopsis, if that. We’re also on our own, without experienced(…)

Want a Page-Turner? You Need Deep POV

By Marcy Kennedy (@MarcyKennedy) I’m posting at Kristen Lamb’s blog this week. She’s been doing a series on deep POV, and I have the honor of being her guest “expert.” I’m talking about how deep POV can make even the less exciting parts of our books, like description, into page-turners. I hope you’ll join me(…)

The Fine Line Between Confidence and Arrogance in Writers

I have a special guest poster for you today. I’m always looking for books I can recommend to newer writers, and so I bought her book Someday Is Here!: A Beginner’s Guide to Writing and Publishing Your First Book. As you might have guessed by the fact that I then asked her here to guest(…)

Do You Find Artificial Intelligence Creepy? Meet Nadine

By Marcy Kennedy (@MarcyKennedy) Confession time. I don’t like Siri—the voice that speaks to you from iPhones. I probably should. I love the concept of artificial intelligence. Data from TNG and The Doctor from Voyager were two of my favorite Star Trek characters. But I just don’t like her. I’m sure part of it has(…)

Writers – Value Yourself and Your Work

By Marcy Kennedy (@MarcyKennedy) Over the last couple of months, an online debate has risen about whether creatives deserve to be paid for their work or whether they should work for free or for “exposure.” By creatives, I mean those who produce intellectual property or the like for the purpose of entertaining an audience—writers, musicians,(…)

When To Hire Help And When To Do It Yourself

By Marcy Kennedy (@Marcy Kennedy) One of the most frustrating parts of indie publishing is how conflicting the advice can seem. One of the areas where I’ve frequently noticed this advice dichotomy is in whether or not we should hire out the non-writing work involved in our business. Some people will tell you to do(…)

Four Crippling Misconceptions About Deep POV

By Marcy Kennedy (@MarcyKennedy) Myths and misunderstandings abound no matter what skill we’re trying to learn. An important part of learning is sorting out the misinformation surrounding a topic. So today I want to talk about what deep point of view isn’t. Misconception #1 – You need to write in first person to write deep(…)

Using a Montage to Handle Time in Fiction

By Marcy Kennedy (@MarcyKennedy) Welcome back to my mini-series on handling time in our fiction. Today I want to talk about what I call the montage. If you watch movies, you’ve likely seen a montage. It’s a quick collection of images used to compress time or information. In other words, it’s a pacing tool. And(…)

Unbelievable Real Life: Caves Under Our Cities

By Marcy Kennedy (@MarcyKennedy) Recently I’ve been researching what life is like in the oceans (I’m thinking about writing a book involving an underwater society), and I stumbled across this video. I wanted to share it because of the spectacular images the speaker shares. And listen carefully near the end of the video where she(…)