Online Content

Online content is to print content what a sports car is to a diesel pick-up truck. The first catches your attention and moves fast. The second lasts longer and can handle the heavy jobs. I’m available to write website content.

To attract traffic to your site, your online content needs to possess the following four qualities:

(1) Captivating: Online readers have less patience for tangents or irrelevancies. You need to catch and keep their attention, or they’ll simply move on to someone else’s site.

(2) Short: Whereas a print article usually starts at 800 words and goes up from there, online articles average less than 800 words. Online readers are often described as having the attention span of a guppy. They want the relevant points fast.

(3) Links: Websites are less a destination anymore than they are a gateway. Your readers want your site to eventually direct them to other useful resources.

(4) Search-engine optimization: SEO writing inserts keywords in a specific way and frequency to help your site rank high in the search result list because, after all, who really looks past the first couple of pages?

If you’d like to discuss your needs for online content, please contact me.

If you are looking for website design rather than website content, please contact CIK Marketing and Web Design. I highly recommend them.

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