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Regardless of the project for which you need a freelance writer, you’ll want someone who displays the following characteristics: Freelance Print Media Writing Services

(1) Professional: While being a professional encompasses a lot of things, at its most basic, it means turning in work on or before deadline, replying as promptly as possible to all communication, and submitting content that’s clean and properly formatted.

(2) Flexible: A freelance writer needs to adapt to any length, tone/voice, and topic that their client needs. Mimicking a client’s desired tone or voice is one of the most difficult tasks required of a freelance writer. To do it well, we need to put in the extra time to study what your company or publication produced in the past and to find out if there’s anything you want to change. Tone and voice involves nuances as subtle as word choice and as bold as how many and what kind of resources you use.

For example, if you want a personable article revolving around interviews, you’d be disappointed if your writer turns in a black-and-white article based on scholarly journals. A good freelancer is also able to produce an accurate, informative piece on a topic that they have no personal experience with because they’ve built up a network of resources to turn to. Take a look at my portfolio page to see just a sample of the topics I’ve enjoyed covering in the past.

(3) Creative: You want your material to stand out. You want people to be talking about it (in a good way) long after they’ve set it down. A freelance writer should find the balance between staying true to your vision and proposing a new and interesting twist on the topic.

(4) Approachable: Yes, this is a business relationship, but the best working relationships are forged between people who don’t mind taking an extra minute to find out how your week has been, try to remember the names of your kids (even if they don’t always succeed), and truly care about your project. No one wants to work with someone who gives their time grudgingly.

My experience with non-fiction print media includes the following:

• Feature articles
• Columns
• Interviews
• Profiles
• Devotions
• Puzzles
• Book reviews
• Newsletters
• Resumes

Feel free to contact me. I’d love to talk to you about your print media needs.

Maranatha News is certainly proud of Marcy Kennedy and Lisa Wilson for the freelance writers that they are. We have been honored to have them as a part of the Maranatha News team for the past two years, helping to bring Canadian authors a platform never provided before with a mixture of book reviews and interviews that have brought Canadian authors and readers together. Marcy and Lisa are certainly the kind of freelancers that are not afraid of stepping out and trying new things.
Johanne Robertson, Editor Maranatha News