Zerynthia the Warrior My Little Pony

I know this isn’t a normal day for me to post, but I’m entering Rebecca Enzor’s PonyFest12 with a My Little Pony inspired by Zerynthia, the Amazon princess in The Amazon Heir, my co-written novel with Lisa Hall-Wilson.

I’m not an artist, so I had to use a pony creator and Paint to come up with this.

Zerynthia The Amazon Heir

Pony Zerynthia’s eyes are blue and her hair is a golden copper color like the character in our novel, and her mane is tied back in a warrior’s tail. The crimson markings represent the tattoos for each man she’s killed. Her unicorn’s horn stands in place of her spear, and I gave her the symbol of the bow and arrow the Amazons were so famous for. She might look fierce, but inside she feels an intense need to prove herself and to be loved.

The Amazon Heir is Xena Warrior Princess meets Game of Thrones.

As a special treat, here’s a sneak peak at Zerynthia’s grand entrance into The Amazon Heir.

A tattoo for each man she’d killed decorated Zerynthia’s back, left shoulder, and upper arm.

She pushed against the familiar red binding constricting her breasts and tightened the tie fastening her hair in a warrior’s tail down her back. One final achievement stood between her and the throne—a daughter born from Scythian seed. Everything rested on winning in this final round of bull-leaping and earning the right to have her daughter credited with the blood of their fiercest allies.

If you want to help me win a package of books along with an actual custom My Little Pony based on this design, please vote for Zerynthia from October 5th through 13th on Becca’s blog. (I’ll be reminding you because I really want to win.) You can also see the other entrants by clicking the link at the beginning of the post and scrolling down to the links in the comments.

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