I’m Giving Away a Short Story

Purple Cover

Twisted sleepwalking.
A frozen goldfish in a plastic bag.
And a woman afraid she’s losing her grip on reality.

That’s a peek at “Purple,” the short story I’m giving away starting today as a thank you to anyone who signs up for my brand new newsletter (which I’ll tell you about in just a minute).

“Purple” is a suspense, not the fantasy you might have expected from me, but I’ve chosen to use it as my thank-you gift for one very important reason. I wanted to give you the best I had.

Even though I wrote “Purple” back in 2008, it’s still my favorite piece of work. It’s also the story that I won the Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Competition with that year. Because I wanted to be certain I was giving you something I was proud of, it became the obvious choice. I won’t be making it available any other way.

So let’s get the obvious questions out of the way about the newsletter.

If I’m already subscribed to your blog, am I also subscribed to your newsletter?

You’re not. The newsletter and the blog are separate, and I would never violate your trust by signing you up for the newsletter without your permission. If you want to be on my newsletter list, you’ll need to sign up separately.

So what’s the difference between the blog and your newsletter? Why should I sign up for both?

Well, my blog is what you’re used to. I post two to three times a week on science fiction, fantasy, and writing. Everything remains the same for blog subscribers. You’ll continue to receive my blog posts as always. No extra action necessary.

My newsletter will only go out when I have news about new releases (in other words, novels, non-fiction books, and short stories—and you will be seeing all three from me this year if all goes as planned), upcoming courses I’m teaching for writers, exclusive discounts for newsletter subscribers, and freebies. I expect it’ll only go out about once a month. If you want the newsletter too, you need to sign up.

Along with my new newsletter, you may have noticed that things look a little different around here. I want to thank the talented Laird Sapir of Memphis McKay who has been working hard behind the scenes to design this new site for me. I’m very excited to finally be able to show it off. Please bear with me as I finish unpacking. But if you’d like to poke around a little, I have already updated my online courses and editing services pages.

So there you have it. I’d love it if you’d sign up for my newsletter by putting your email in the box below and then share this post. If you enjoy the story, let me know 🙂