Understanding Your Ebook Formatting Options

By Marcy Kennedy (@MarcyKennedy)

I’m very excited to announce that I’m now a regular guest columnist over at Janice Hardy’s Other Side of the Story. My first post appears today, and I’m going over the options you have for formatting your ebook if you’re planning to self-publish.

When I first decided to self-publish, one of the decisions that tied my stomach into the most knots was how to format my ebook. I had a meager budget, and I’ll be honest—I’m not exactly a technological wiz kid. I still use an ancient cell phone with no internet capabilities, and I get heart palpitations every time my computer hiccups.

But what I realized was that ebook formatting isn’t nearly as scary as I thought. In fact, I actually fell a little in love with the process. We have a lot of options, which means we can all find the one that works best for us, for our book, and for our budget.

Join me to find out about your ebook formatting options!

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