4 Tips for Setting Up Your International Amazon Author Central Pages

Amazon InternationalBy Marcy Kennedy (@MarcyKennedy)

Last month, I walked you through the 6 Steps for Setting Up Your Amazon Author Page. In that post, I talked exclusively about your author profile on Amazon.com, but Amazon sells books all over the world. While setting up our author page on Amazon.com is the most important (because that’s where we’re likely to sell the most books), we shouldn’t overlook our author pages elsewhere.

You might be thinking, Why do I want to take the time to do that for non-English speaking countries?

The answer is simple. English is the most common second language in the world. Even if English isn’t the primary language of Germany or India or China, many people living in those countries still speak it, read it, or are trying to learn. Creating an author page on international sites gives us a leg up over authors who only bother to update their Amazon.com page.

Because you’ll want to add the same information as you did for your Amazon.com author page, I won’t go over all of that again. You can read my previous post for details. What I’m going to focus on in this post are the unique things to keep in mind when we’re updating our pages on the international sites.

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