**Content Warning**

Please note that these stories are dark, gritty suspense stories. They’re not fantasy, and in terms of content, they’re not representative of the rest of the author’s work. You’ve been warned!

Twisted sleepwalking.
A frozen goldfish in a plastic bag.
And a woman afraid she’s losing her grip on reality.
“A Purple Elephant” is a suspense short story about grief and betrayal. 

In “The Replacements,” a prodigal returns home to find that her parents have started a new family, one with no room for her. This disturbing suspense short story is about the lengths to which we’ll go to feel like we’re wanted, and how we don’t always see things the way they really are.

“I wasn’t expecting these stories to be quite so dark and haunting. I was very uneasy as I read both and I loved it. She has a knack for making you think everything is fairly normal, but a little off, then hitting you over the head with something so disturbing it takes your breath away. Clear, perfect, unobtrusive writing in each, and both real page turners.
Shelley Hazen, Amazon Customer

“It took a while for my breathing to calm when I’d finished these stories – they haunted me long after I was done. Definitely not a Disney movie. A masterly portrayal of troubled souls in startling circumstances.”
– Sara Litchfield, Amazon Customer