How to Write Fiction: Busy Writer’s Guides Set 1

How to Write Fiction: Busy Writer’s Guides Set 1

Three popular writing craft books are now available together. When you master showing and telling, deep point of view, and internal dialogue, you'll create vivid fiction that engages your reader emotionally. The books in this set put writing craft techniques into plain language alongside examples, so you can see how it all looks in practice, and combines it with practical exercises.

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About the Book

Experienced fiction editor Marcy Kennedy’s has put her most popular Busy Writer’s Guides together. Showing and telling, deep point of view, and internal dialogue are foundational skills you need to master to create vivid fiction that engages the reader emotionally.

The books in this set put writing craft techniques into plain language alongside examples so you can see how that technique looks in practice. In addition, you’ll receive tips and how-to exercises to help you apply what you learn to the pages of your own story. Most importantly, every book in the Busy Writer’s Guide series cuts the fluff so that you have more time to write and to live your life.

In this box set you’ll find…


Showing and Telling in Fiction will help you clearly understand the difference between showing and telling, provide you with guidelines for when to show and when to tell, and give you practical editing tools for spotting and fixing telling in your writing.


Do you want readers to be so caught up in your book that they forget they’re reading? Then you need deep POV. Deep POV places the reader inside of our characters—hearing their thoughts, feeling their emotions, and living the story through them. In Deep Point of View, you’ll learn specific, practical things you can do to take your fiction to the next level with deep POV.


Internal dialogue is one of the most powerful tools in a fiction writer’s arsenal. It’s also one of the least understood and most often mismanaged elements. In Internal Dialogue, you’ll learn the difference between internal dialogue and narration, how to format internal dialogue, how to balance it with external action, how to use it to advance your story, and much more.

What Other Writers Are Saying About the Books in This Box Set

“If there is one book that should be an essential part of any aspiring author’s collection, this would be the one. Unlike so many books on craft/technique in writing, this book cuts through the bull and the fluff.” – Amazon Reviewer (about Showing and Telling in Fiction)

“…this book transformed a fuzzy concept into doable steps for me. That is huge.” – Amazon Reviewer (about Showing and Telling in Fiction)

“I have purchased the entire Busy Writer’s Guide series, and this book is one that I had been waiting for. It’s taken me so long to really wrap my head around writing in deep point of view and Ms. Kennedy explains it so clearly, it almost feels effortless.” – Rachel Funk Heller, author of The Writer’s Coloring Book (about Deep Point of View)

“Immediately I recognized that this was a book that offers real help. Rather than passively receiving someone’s idea of writing better prose, reading the book is like having Ms. Kennedy sitting with you while you write.” – Amazon Reviewer (about Deep Point of View)

“The single most helpful book on writing fiction that I have ever read.” – Amazon Reviewer (about Internal Dialogue)

“Books with hands-on, detailed, break-it-down-to-the-nitty-gritty techniques are rare. Even rarer are those books that do it well. This book is on that very short list.” – Amazon Reviewer (about Internal Dialogue)

Series: Busy Writer's Guides
Genre: Non-Fiction
Publisher: Tongue Untied Communications
ISBN: 9781988069128
eBook Price: 9.99
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About the Author
Marcy Kennedy

Marcy Kennedy is a suspense and speculative fiction writer who believes fantasy is more real than you think. In 2007, she won the suspense/thriller category of Writer's Digest's Popular Fiction Competition, and in 2009, she won the grand prize. She's also the author of the Busy Writer's Guide series. Alongside her own writing, Marcy works as a freelance editor and teaches classes on craft and social media through WANA International. You can find her blogging about writing and about the place where real life meets science fiction, fantasy, and myth at

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