Non-Fiction Editing

You’re probably wondering, “Why do I even need an editor?”

(1) Save money (and headaches): If you print an important document with an error in it, you’ll lose time and money reprinting it. An editor keeps your deadlines and budget on track.

(2) Avoid embarrassment: We’ve probably all seen the email showing church bulletin typos such as “Potluck supper—prayer and medication to follow.” No matter what your project, you want to be laughed at for your wit, not for your mistakes.

(3) Increase customer confidence: An editor can help ensure that your tone and style are consistent, that your material doesn’t contain contradictions, and that your facts are accurate. These increase your potential customers’ confidence in your reliability and in the reliability of the goods or services you offer.

(4) Stand out from the competition: You need every edge—whether your competition is other students, businesses, or writers. An editor’s attention to detail will help your work look professional and polished.

(5) Convey a clear message: The value of your cause, the worth of your product, or the usefulness of your services will be lost on your target audience if your message isn’t clearly conveyed. An editor makes sure your message will be understood and that it will appeal to the right people.

I offer the following non-fiction editing services so you can reach these goals:

• Copy editing
• Proofreading
• Structural editing
• Stylistic editing
• Fact checking

I work with both fiction and non-fiction. For more information on what I offer to fiction writers, check out my fiction editing page.

Please contact me if you’d like an explanation of what each of my editing services includes or an estimate for a project. If you’re working with a specific budget, I can also customize to give you the best outcome while still staying within your means.

While I don’t personally do ESL (English second language) work, I can connect you with an editor who does have the experience to help make your work sound like you’re a native English speaker.

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