Fiction Editing

Marcy Kennedy Fiction Writing ServicesI also offer freelance editing services for fiction.

While editing fiction often requires the same skills editing non-fiction requires—for example, knowledge of proper grammar and punctuation—it also needs insight into aspects such as characterization, dialogue, and plot. As a book reviewer as well as an editor and fiction writer, I’m continually keeping my skills sharp and honing my instincts so that I can help you polish your manuscript.

To see samples of my personal short work, please visit my Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Competition winners in my portfolio.

Contact me if you’d like me to edit a chapter, the whole manuscript, or to do a manuscript critique. I’d be happy to work with you on figuring out what you need help with and what we can do within your budget.

Here’s the basic outline of my services. All work is done using Microsoft Word’s track changes feature.

Light Copy Edit/Proofread

If your manuscript is structurally sound and you’re confident in your mastery of punctuation and grammar (or you’ve already had it edited by someone else), then this is the option I’d recommend. I basically correct typos and overlooked errors in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc.

Copy Edit

This is 100% about making your manuscript follow the rules of grammar and punctuation. I also trim unnecessary words and change passive sentences to active ones. I find that most people who think they just need a proofread actually need a complete copy edit.

Line Editing

A line edit will cover things like word choice, paragraph flow, smoothing out awkward or wordy sentences, eliminating repetition, and other style issues. I’ll also flag POV problems in my line edit because I can’t stand to leave them there. Line editing includes a copy edit. (It’s almost impossible to do a line edit without also doing a copy edit.)

Developmental Editing

This doesn’t involve correcting your punctuation and grammar or smoothing out awkward sentences. It’s about big picture issues—for example, characterization, setting, plot, too much/not enough backstory, showing vs. telling, dialogue, POV problems, and making sure each scene has a clear goal and enough tension.

Developmental Edit/Critique of 50 Pages

I offer a developmental edit of the first 50 pages (double-spaced) for $200.

Complete Package of First 50 Pages

I also offer a “package”—where you can have a line edit and developmental edit done on the first 50 pages—for $350.