Most Valuable Writing Business Posts of 2012

My blogging vacation is wrapping up. I’ll be back next week with fresh content. As we head into 2013, though, I wanted to provide you with some of what I think are the most valuable posts dealing with the business side of writing that I’ve read this year.

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What Do We Need to Know About Publishing Contracts?

For those of you who plan to traditionally publish, you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t read Kristine Rusch’s series on deal breakers. Before you sign with a publisher (of any size), know what you’re willing to compromise on and what will make you walk away from a contract.        

Deal Breakers 2012

The End of Reversion Clauses

Non-Compete Clauses

A Tale of Two Royalty Statements

How Should We Price Our Ebooks?

For those of you going indie, this is one of the single biggest ongoing arguments.

Pricing in 2013 by Dean Wesley Smith

How Much Should I Charge for My Ebook? by Catherine Ryan Howard

$0.99? $2.99? $9.99? My Answers to EBook Pricing Questions by Lindsay Buroker

EBook Pricing for Short Stories and Novellas by Lindsay Buroker

EBook Pricing Strategy for a Stand-Alone Novel by Lindsay Buroker

How Many Books A Year Should We Be Writing?

No matter what route you’re going, you’ll feel the pressure of this one.

Here’s my opinion on this. (Not everyone will agree with me.)

There’s a saying in business that you can have it fast, good, or cheap—pick two. Books are now being priced “cheap” compared to ten years ago, so we’re all hitting that point on the triangle. Which means we have to choose between fast and good. Sure, maybe you can write four, five, or more books a year. But will they be as good as if you’d only written one or two?

I’m not going to tell you which choice is right for you, but make sure you actually make the choice rather than giving in to peer pressure.

It’s Not Just About the Numbers by Janice Hardy (She includes links to many other posts on the topic, so I won’t repeat any of them.)

What Happens After Writing 3 or 4 Books a Year by Elizabeth Spann Craig

What Do Readers Want More? Quality or Quantity by Jody Hedlund

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