Is This Magnetic Putty Alive?

Welcome back to my unbelievable real life feature! In the past we’ve looked at sleeping in an ice hotel, sleeping under water, and a bat that looks like Jedi Master Yoda.

This week, it’s some unbelievable science. Watch as the magnetic putty “eats” the cube.

Think it was hungry?

I hope this isn’t too much like revealing a magician’s tricks, but I just had to find out what made this work. (If you don’t want to know, this is your last chance to leave.)

It turns out the putty is composed of ferromagnetic particles (permanently magnetic bits of metal) that are so small we can’t see them with our naked eye. In fact, this putty apparently feels just like Silly Putty, soft and stretchy. You can even tear it apart. But unlike Silly Putty, if you roll it into a ball and hit it with a hammer, you can also shatter it.

The cube in the video is a powerful neodymium iron boron magnet. (In other words, don’t put it near your electronics or your credit card if you want them to keep working.) The ferromagnetic particles are so attracted to the neodymium magnet that they cover it and will eventually spread out evenly so that cube is in the exact center.

This video is time lapse. It actually took an hour and a half for the putty to eat the cube. Still cool and spooky if you ask me.

What do you think? Creepy or really cool?

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