Have You Nominated Your Favorite Blog Yet?

Blog AwardsBy Marcy Kennedy (@MarcyKennedy)

Strangely enough, along with this being the season for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s also the season for blog contests, and the nominations will soon close for two contests I wanted you to know about.

Nominating a blog you enjoy is one of the best ways to support and encourage that blogger, so please take a few minutes today to enter a blog you love. (I’m hoping some of you will nominate me, but even if you don’t, please nominate someone. I can’t emphasize enough how important awards like these can be to a blogger/writer.)

2012 Canadian Weblog Awards

You don’t need to be a Canadian to nominate a blog. Here’s what their website says, “Anyone, whether they are Canadian or not, can nominate Canadian weblogs, so all of you Canadian-loving non-Canadians can get in there and share your favourites.” (Yes, that’s how we spell favorites in Canada.)

The blog you nominate does need to be written by a Canadian (like me).

Nominations for this one are done privately through an easy-to-fill-out form, and your name will never be released. You can nominate a blog in three categories.

If you’d like to nominate my blog, here are some categories you might want to consider:

  • Best New Weblog (for weblogs created after July 31, 2011 – Mine was “born” November 2011)
  • General Interest (for weblogs that cover a range of topics)
  • Pop Culture & Entertainment
  • Topical (for weblogs that fit within a particular niche not covered by other categories)
  • Writing & Literature

Weblog Title: Marcy Kennedy

Weblog URL: https://www.marcykennedy.com/blog/

To nominate a blog, go here: http://www.ninjamatics.com/faq-nomination-form/

Nominations close November 31.

7th Annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest

Here are the rules:

  • Nominate your favorite blog in the comment section (see link below).
  • You have only one vote (only your first will be counted).
  • Please include the web address of the blog.
  • Explain why you think the blog is worthy of winning this year’s award.
  • A blog must be nominated more than once to make the cut.

To nominate a blog, go here http://writetodone.com/2012/11/12/nominate-your-favorite-writing-blog-7th-annual-top-10-blogs-for-writers-contest/

Nominations close December 3.

To all my American friends and readers, I hope you enjoy tomorrow with your families. As my husband is American, we’re celebrating with his family, and I know how valuable this time can be, especially if you usually live far apart. Happy Thanksgiving!

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